Flower Shops in Detroit Prepare for Mother’s Day Rush

by Jennifer

As Mother’s Day approaches, flower shops across Detroit are bustling with activity as they strive to fulfill orders in time for the weekend celebrations.


For many florists, Mother’s Day, observed on May 12, represents a significant portion, often up to 30%, of their annual sales.

Recently, some siblings from Metro Detroit visited a local boutique to procure special bouquets for their mother, expressing gratitude for the dedication of their neighborhood florist, Kelley Jones, who has served the community for years.

Reflecting on their mother’s appreciation for flowers, the sisters emphasized the sentimental value of such gestures, noting that Mother’s Day serves as a perfect occasion to express their love and gratitude.

Situated at East Vernor Highway and Helen Street in Detroit, Jones has been a fixture in the neighborhood for over two decades. This year alone, she anticipates selling approximately 3,000 floral arrangements, underscoring the significance of Mother’s Day in her annual revenue stream.

Describing the rigorous routine of a florist, Jones highlighted the early morning starts and meticulous coordination required to fulfill orders promptly.

Delivery drivers like Jim Chirikas have been working tirelessly, ensuring the seamless delivery of countless boxes of flowers to eager customers across the city. Chirikas emphasized the demanding nature of the job during this peak period.

Featuring a diverse selection of blooms sourced from various locations, including tulips from Holland, peonies from Almont, and sunflowers from Detroit’s east side, local flower shops are committed to offering a memorable experience for customers seeking to honor their mothers.

As the big day approaches, establishments like Goodness Gracious are extending their hours to accommodate last-minute shoppers, with Jones herself planning to spend Mother’s Day with her children.

Moreover, in a commendable gesture, the shop is raising funds for a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young entrepreneurs, exemplifying a commitment to community support and philanthropy during this festive occasion.


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