Council Cuts Lead to Reduction in Floral Displays

by Jennifer

The vibrancy of floral displays in Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge faces a notable reduction owing to financial constraints imposed by Somerset Council.


Previously under the auspices of Somerset Council, the maintenance and funding of flower beds in these towns will now be shouldered by local volunteers and financed by the respective town councils.

Expressing her sentiments on this transition, Lesley Millard, the town mayor of Burnham and Highbridge, remarked, “It was a shock, but we’re endeavoring to transform it into a communal endeavor.”

Citing the need for fiscal prudence, Somerset Council conveyed its rationale, stating, “We are compelled to make tough decisions to achieve savings, and regrettably, we cannot allocate resources for the upkeep of floral exhibits.”

Ms. Millard underscored the silver lining, saying, “Fortunately, we are well-positioned to adapt. This presents an occasion for collective action within our community.”

Highlighting prior collaboration with Somerset Council on sustainable planting initiatives, she emphasized the resolve to uphold this ethos in the face of changes.

Burnham councillor Sharon Perry lauded the previous floral arrangements, remarking, “The flowers look fantastic; we have been fortunate. The evident delight they bring to passersby is palpable.”

A pedestrian interviewed by BBC Radio Somerset echoed a sentiment of disappointment, lamenting the potential dullness resulting from the cutbacks while acknowledging the financial constraints.

In an official statement, Somerset Council reiterated the necessity of streamlining expenditures to address a £100 million funding deficit for the upcoming fiscal year, leading to the reconsideration of non-statutory services such as floral displays maintenance.

The council expressed gratitude towards Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge Town Council and the Burnham Growing group for their proactive measures to sustain the floral exhibits despite the financial challenges.


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