Negaunee Elementary Students Participate in Annual Marigold Mania

by Jennifer

NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) – On Tuesday, Negaunee students enthusiastically engaged in the annual Marigold Mania, preparing garden beds by pulling weeds and digging holes.


Fourth graders from Lakeview Elementary School used shovels and garden rakes to create a nurturing environment for the marigolds they’ve been cultivating since spring break. The students began by planting flower seeds in pots and diligently watered them weekly in a greenhouse. Five classes contributed to gardening different sections of Miner’s Park.

“It’s fun to watch them grow. They start as seeds and turn into beautiful flowers,” said Aili Johnson, a fourth grader at Lakeview Elementary. She also enjoys gardening with her mother at home.

Anna Mattson, Organizer of the Negaunee Beautification Committee, aims to instill a sense of volunteerism in the children.

“I want them to welcome volunteering and realize the impact even a small space can have,” Mattson said. “One marigold, multiplied by thirty, makes a significant difference.”

Marigold Mania is inspired by The Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee’s Petunia Pandemonium. Mattson highlighted that marigolds are the hardiest and easiest plants for children to grow.

“I love when these little kids come running up to me and ask if I’ve seen their flowers,” Mattson shared. “That’s what I cherish most about this event.”

Faith Toutant, a fourth-grade teacher at Lakeview Elementary, emphasized that the students learned valuable teamwork skills. She appreciates that students can see their efforts flourish in the community.

“They’ve enjoyed being outside, and over the summer, they can revisit and see the results of their hard work,” Toutant said.

The students’ flower project concluded with the planting, and next year’s fourth graders will have the opportunity to embark on their own marigold journey.


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