Flower Boxes Revived on Mill Street Bridge in Montgomery

by Jennifer

The charming sight of blooming flowers has returned to grace the Mill Street Bridge in Montgomery, marking the resurgence of the beloved Montgomery Flower Planter Program.


Following a temporary pause necessitated by the Mill Street Bridge improvement project in 2022-23, village authorities have confirmed the reinstatement of the flower boxes.

A joint venture between the Montgomery Public Works Department and the volunteer-driven Montgomery Beautification Committee, the program endeavors to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bridge through the installation of flower planter boxes and commemorative signs, as disclosed by officials.

In the wake of the bridge’s refurbishment, officials highlight the creation of several additional spaces tailored for flower boxes.

The recent planting initiative has breathed life back into the downtown historic precinct, offering visitors a picturesque panorama as they traverse the Fox River adjacent to Montgomery Park. The park serves as the backdrop for the annual summertime Montgomery Fest, park concerts, and other community events.

The tradition of adorning the bridge with floral arrangements dates back several years. Ed Plaff from the Montgomery Public Works Department reminisces, “I arrived in 2006 and they had already been doing so for a number of years.”

On the day earmarked for planting the flowers, the diligent crews from the Montgomery Public Works Department meticulously prepared the boxes with mulch and soil. Meanwhile, members of the Beautification Committee, clad in garden gloves and armed with tools, tenderly nurtured each box with vibrant blooms.

To ensure the flourishing of the floral display, regular watering duties are dutifully undertaken by the Public Works Department, officials affirm.

Renee Mason, Executive Assistant at the Montgomery Public Works Department, expressed jubilation at the return of the Montgomery Flower Planter Program to the Mill Street Bridge. In a statement released by the village, Mason remarked, “This initiative embodies the spirit of community and collaboration that defines our village, and we are excited to showcase once again the flowers that have become synonymous with summertime in Montgomery.”

The enhancements to the bridge and Montgomery Park underscore the village’s concerted endeavors to invigorate downtown precincts and attract more visitors, according to officials.


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