CEOS Flower Show Draws Crowds at Mineral County Fair

by Jennifer

FORT ASHBY, W.Va.— The flower show, a perennial favorite at the Mineral County Fair, continues to captivate attendees with its stunning array of floral displays.


Organized by the Mineral County Community Educational Outreach Services (CEOS), the flower show invites both seasoned gardeners and novices to showcase their floral arrangements and gardening skills. Participants can enter various categories within the Artistic and Horticultural divisions, each offering a unique opportunity to display their creativity and horticultural prowess.

Artistic Division

In the Artistic Division, entrants can submit fresh or artificial flower arrangements, with the fresh materials not necessarily required to be homegrown. The categories include:

Class 1 – Any Christmas arrangement,
Class 2 – Any holiday arrangement,
Class 3 – Dining room table arrangement: fresh flowers – viewed from all sides,
Class 4 – Buffet or side table arrangement: Fresh flowers- viewed from one side
Class 5 – Dining room table arrangement: Artificial flowers – viewed from all sides
Class 6 – Buffet or side table arrangement: Artificial flowers- viewed from one side,
Class 7 – Driftwood fresh, dried or artificial materials.
Class 8 – Golden treasures, all dried materials
Class 9 – Miniature arrangement: Fresh, dried or artificial materials, cannot be over 5 inches in height
Class 10 – Fireside basket (18 inches or higher), fresh, dried or silk
Class 11 – Any other entries not listed in a class above.

The Horticultural Division allows for submission of single flowers to house plants and even succulents.

The classes include:

Class 1 — Dahlias,
Class 2 — Gladiolus,
Class 3A – Rose Hybrid Tea Floribundas
Class 3B- Rose Miniature
Class 4 — Asters,
Class 5 — Lily,
Class 6A — Zinnias, Single
Class 6B – Zinnias, Button
Class 7A — Marigolds, Standard
Class 7B — Marigolds, French
Class 8A — Petunias, Single
Class 8B – Petunias, Double
Class 9 – Mums
Class 10 — Daisies,
Class 11 — Pansies,
Class 12A — Sunflowers, Giant over 4” diameter
Class 12 B — Sunflowers, Standard
Class 13 — Coneflowers
Class 14 – Any Flowering shrub: 1 branch 15”-24”
Class 15 – Any annual not listed above, flower must be listed in a class if provided
Class 16 – Any perennial not listed above, flower must be listed in a class of provided
Class 17 – Any flowering plant
Class 18 – Any non-flowering plant
Class 19 – African violet
Class 20A – Cactus,
Class 20B – Succulents
Class 21 — Hanging Baskets,Class 22 — Container plants, multiple plants
Class 23 — Terrariums

Additional Exhibits

In addition to the flower show, the fair offers opportunities to exhibit a variety of other items, including canned goods, cookies, cakes, sewing projects, and photographs. The diverse range of exhibits ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy and admire.

The CEOS flower show at the Mineral County Fair remains a cherished tradition, celebrating the beauty and diversity of floral art and horticulture.


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