Succulent Watering Tips: Keeping Your Plants Healthy

by Jennifer

Succulents are renowned for their ability to thrive in arid conditions, making their watering needs crucial to their overall health. Here are some essential guidelines to ensure your succulents receive the right amount of water:


1. Soil Dryness:

Water your succulents when the soil has completely dried out. The frequency of watering can vary, but it is typically around once a week if you have well-draining succulent soil.

2. Proper Watering Technique:

When it’s time to water, give your succulent a thorough soak. Place the plant in a sink or container filled with water, allowing the roots to absorb moisture.
After soaking, ensure the excess water drains out completely before returning the succulent to its display pot. Avoid leaving standing water in the pot to prevent root rot.

3. Quick Drying:

Succulents prefer to dry out rapidly between watering sessions. To facilitate efficient drainage and prevent water from lingering in the pot, consider adding grit or perlite to the display pot. This helps raise the plant’s roots and prevents stagnation.

4. Seasonal Variations:

Succulents have distinct watering needs that change with the seasons. During their active growth period in spring and summer, they require more water. However, in their dormant winter phase, they need less moisture since they do not grow as vigorously in cooler conditions.
In general, watering your succulents twice a month during the active growth period is usually sufficient. Less frequent watering is often the best practice during their dormant phase.

5. Signs of Overwatering:

  • Overwatering can harm your succulents and should be avoided. Be vigilant for signs such as:
  • Small white blisters on the leaves.
  • White or brown patches on the plant.
  • Outer leaves appearing soggy or mushy.
  • Foul odors emanating from the soil.
  • In severe cases, leaves becoming limp and collapsing.

By following these succulent watering tips and being attentive to your plant’s specific needs, you can help your succulents thrive and avoid common issues associated with overwatering. Proper watering is key to maintaining the health and vitality of these remarkable plants.




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