Title: Galleria Floral Experience Transforms Edina Mall into Underwater Wonderland

by Jennifer

EDINA, Minn. — Amidst the remnants of a lingering snowstorm, a haven of floral splendor awaits beneath the waves of creativity. The Galleria Floral Experience has officially debuted at the shopping center, presenting a breathtaking amalgamation of blooming gardens and larger-than-life marine spectacles inspired by the depths of the ocean.


Marc Scamp, the lead fabricator for the project, emphasizes the meticulous effort required to craft such beauty, remarking, “Beauty takes tons of time.” Indeed, the dedication to detail is palpable behind the scenes, where each element is meticulously orchestrated to evoke an immersive sensory experience.

Patrick Warden, director of landscape & garden services at Bachman’s Floral & Garden, describes this year’s spring floral showcase as an imaginative journey “Into the Deep.” The endeavor challenges conventional notions of botanical displays, inviting visitors to explore a realm seldom ventured, yet brimming with vibrant flora.

Echoing Warden’s sentiment, Scamp underscores the primacy of flowers over mere props in the exhibition. With divergent specialties but a shared vision, both men collaborate to weave together a tapestry of natural wonder.

Over 100 varieties of flowers, trees, and plants curated by landscape architect Bryan Kramer adorn the exhibition. As the installation deadline looms, Warden and his team diligently assemble pieces sourced from distant locales, coaxing them to blossom at precisely the opportune moment.

“We’re basically tricking them out of sleep,” muses Warden, reflecting on the delicate art of nurturing flora to fruition.

Meanwhile, Scamp and his crew meticulously fashion floating jellyfish, colossal octopuses, and other marine inhabitants to captivate visitors. Despite encountering hurdles along the way, including inadvertent fabric conflagrations, their commitment to realism remains unwavering.

For both teams, the objective is clear: to fashion an authentic, immersive spectacle. Working tirelessly through the night, installers breathe life into the 20 enchanting displays nestled within the mall.

“The mall walkers have shown up, and the sun’s coming up outside, and you’re like, I guess we’re done for the day,” reflects Scamp, illustrating the arduous yet rewarding nature of their labor.

Upon completion, the Galleria Floral experience stands as a testament to artistic ingenuity, captivating onlookers with its intricate detail and imaginative flair.

“You take these ordinary objects, and you make them spectacular, crazy-looking, and people are just like, ‘Wow,'” remarks Scamp, encapsulating the awe-inspiring allure of the exhibition.

Adding an element of whimsy, ten hidden mermaid gardens beckon young explorers to embark on a scavenger hunt amidst the botanical wonderland.

Open to all, the floral experience promises to enchant visitors at the Galleria in Edina until April 7, offering a resplendent reprieve from the wintry doldrums.


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