Top Gardening Trends Revealed at 2024 Philadelphia Flower Show

by Jennifer

Philadelphia, PA – The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) has unveiled the leading trends showcased at the 2024 Philadelphia Flower Show, themed “United by Flowers,” providing insights into the future of gardening and floral design.


Celebrating its 195th year, the Philadelphia Flower Show has long been hailed as a global platform for floral and garden enthusiasts, tracing back to its inaugural event in 1829, which introduced the iconic poinsettia. This year’s theme, “United by Flowers,” highlighted an array of innovative trends spanning flowers, houseplants, landscapes, and floral event design.

Seth Pearsoll, Vice President and Creative Director of the Flower Show, emphasized the show’s role as a catalyst for inspiration within the industry. “The Philadelphia Flower Show provides a platform for some of the world’s most renowned designers and growers to highlight the best and newest ideas in the industry,” stated Pearsoll. “These displays often reflect up-and-coming industry trends that are then incorporated by gardeners, landscapers, and florists of all levels around the globe.”

Trending Houseplants: Aroids, Begonias, Gesneriads, and Terrariums

The 2024 Philadelphia Flower Show featured a diverse array of plants in its competitive plant competition, held at the PHS Hamilton Horticourt. Aroids, including philodendron, amorphophallus, monstera, and anthurium, retained their popularity, with individual categories dedicated to these plants showcasing widespread participation.

Begonias experienced a surge in public interest, with a notable display of rare varieties such as Begonia pteridifolium and Begonia montaniformis.

Gesneriads, known for their inclusion of African violets, witnessed significant growth, encompassing varieties like Streptocarpus, Sinningia, Petrocosmia, Primulina, and Kohleria.

Terrariums emerged as a standout trend, offering versatility in accommodating various plant groups, including gesneriads, ferns, and carnivorous plants. Renowned for their captivating container designs, terrariums appeal to all levels of gardening enthusiasts with their low-maintenance nature and aesthetic appeal.

Landscape Trends: Rewilding and Urban Restoration

The trend of rewilding, particularly in urban areas, gained momentum in 2024, aimed at enhancing biodiversity and restoring natural ecosystems by reducing human intervention and reintroducing indigenous plant and animal species. Exhibits such as “A Beautiful Disturbance” by Kelly Norris and “Right of Way” by Apiary Studio exemplified this trend by showcasing natural landscapes overtaking urban spaces.

Floral Event Design Trends: Hyper-Local Sourcing and Sustainability

Hyper-locally sourced cut flowers emerged as a prominent trend, highlighted by Jennifer Designs’ exhibit, which depicted a floral map of the U.S. utilizing flowers sourced from specific regions to illustrate connectivity through gardens and flowers. This trend emphasizes sustainability and addresses concerns regarding the carbon footprint of imported flowers.

Floral Trends: Color, Scale, Shape, and Structure

Monotone color schemes, bold neon hues, and color-blocking emerged as prevailing trends, with a shift towards larger-scale floral arrangements serving as focal points in event settings. Incorporating organic materials such as fruits and vegetables added whimsical elements to designs.

Designers embraced organic shapes and untraditional media, including 3-D printed structures and concrete, to create visually striking arrangements using natural elements like moss, grass, and foliage. Anthuriums in unique, vibrant colors served as eye-catching additions to floral displays, showcasing both natural and artificially enhanced hues.

The 2024 Philadelphia Flower Show not only celebrated the beauty of flowers but also served as a harbinger of emerging trends that are set to shape the future of gardening and floral design industries.


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