What flowers are used for confetti?

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The tradition of throwing confetti during celebrations is as timeless as it is joyous, adding a burst of color and festivity to weddings, parties, and special events. While confetti can be made from various materials, from paper to biodegradable options, the use of flower petals has become increasingly popular for those seeking an eco-friendly and visually stunning alternative. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the world of flowers used for confetti, delving into the varieties, preparation methods, and the enchanting effect they bring to celebratory moments.


The Art of Choosing Confetti Flowers

When it comes to selecting flowers for confetti, the choices are as diverse as the colors in a blooming garden. The key is to opt for petals that are not only visually appealing but also suitable for throwing. Roses, with their soft and velvety petals, are a classic choice, offering a romantic and timeless feel. Other popular options include delphiniums, lavender, calendula, and marigolds. The colors and textures of these flowers contribute to a vibrant and captivating confetti display, creating lasting memories for both hosts and guests.

Blooms of Elegance: Roses as Confetti

Roses have long been associated with love and celebration, making them a quintessential choice for confetti. The soft, fragrant petals of roses create a romantic ambiance, and their availability in various colors allows for customization to match the event’s theme. From classic red to pastel hues, rose petals offer versatility and elegance, making them a favorite for weddings and special occasions. When using roses for confetti, it’s essential to choose fresh petals and ensure they are free from pesticides, providing a safe and enchanting shower of blooms.

Lavender Bliss: Fragrant Confetti Delight

Known for its delightful fragrance and calming properties, lavender adds a touch of sophistication to confetti moments. The small, fragrant buds of lavender create a delicate and aromatic shower, contributing to a sensory experience for event attendees. Lavender confetti is particularly popular for outdoor weddings, garden parties, and rustic-themed events. The natural scent of lavender enhances the celebratory atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on both hosts and guests alike.

Dancing Petals: Delphiniums for a Whimsical Touch

Delphiniums, with their tall spikes of vibrant and airy flowers, bring a whimsical touch to confetti moments. The individual petals of delphiniums are lightweight and create a fluttering effect as they descend, adding an ethereal quality to the celebration. Available in an array of colors, including shades of blue, pink, and white, delphinium confetti allows for creative and visually striking displays. Their airy appearance makes delphiniums an ideal choice for outdoor events, where the gentle breeze can carry the petals through the air.

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Marigolds: Vibrant and Symbolic Confetti

In many cultures, marigolds hold symbolic significance, representing celebration, prosperity, and positive energy. The vibrant and cheerful colors of marigold petals make them an excellent choice for confetti that exudes positivity and joy. Marigold confetti is especially popular in cultural celebrations and festivals, bringing a burst of color and cultural richness to the festivities. The durability of marigold petals allows for a long-lasting and vibrant confetti display, ensuring a lively and visually appealing experience.

Sun-Kissed Confetti: Calendula Petals

Calendula, often referred to as the marigold’s cousin, boasts bright and sunny petals that add a touch of warmth to confetti moments. The golden-orange hues of calendula petals create a sun-kissed confetti effect, making them a delightful choice for summer weddings and outdoor celebrations. Calendula confetti not only adds visual appeal but also carries herbal and medicinal properties, reflecting a thoughtful and meaningful choice for eco-conscious celebrants.

Preparing Flowers for Confetti

The process of preparing flowers for confetti involves careful harvesting, drying, and storing to ensure the petals retain their vibrancy and shape. Harvesting should be done when the flowers are in full bloom but not overly mature. This ensures the petals are at their peak beauty and have not started to wilt. Once harvested, the petals should be gently cleaned to remove any dirt or debris. After cleaning, the petals are left to air-dry in a cool, dark place to preserve their color and fragrance.

Drying Methods: Air-Drying and Pressing

Air-drying is a popular method for preserving the freshness and vibrancy of flower petals. To air-dry petals for confetti, spread them out in a single layer on a clean and dry surface, such as a tray or a screen. Ensure proper ventilation to facilitate the drying process. It’s essential to monitor the petals regularly and turn them to ensure uniform drying. This method is suitable for flowers with sturdy petals, such as roses and marigolds.

Pressing is another technique for drying flower petals, particularly for delicate blooms like lavender and delphiniums. Place the petals between layers of absorbent paper or within the pages of a heavy book. Apply gentle pressure, and allow the petals to dry completely over several days. Pressing helps retain the flat shape of the petals and is ideal for creating confetti with a more uniform appearance.

Storage: Preserving Petal Perfection

Once the flower petals are thoroughly dried, proper storage is crucial to maintaining their perfection until the celebratory moment. Store the confetti in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. Using airtight containers or sealed bags helps protect the petals from moisture and external contaminants. Adding a sachet of silica gel to the storage container can help absorb any residual moisture and extend the longevity of the confetti.

Environmental Considerations: Biodegradable Bliss

One of the significant advantages of using flower petals for confetti is their biodegradability, aligning with eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Unlike synthetic confetti, flower petals break down naturally, leaving no lasting environmental impact. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor events, where the confetti can be left to decompose, returning to the earth without harming the environment. Biodegradable confetti is an excellent option for eco-conscious hosts and those seeking to minimize their ecological footprint.

Creative Displays: Confetti Concoctions

The versatility of flower petals allows for creative and personalized confetti displays that complement the theme and style of the event. Mixing petals from different flowers can create a visually striking confetti blend, combining colors, textures, and fragrances. Consider incorporating additional elements such as dried herbs, rice paper shapes, or even biodegradable glitter for added flair. Experimenting with different confetti concoctions adds a unique and memorable touch to the celebratory moment.

Application Methods: Tossing, Blowing, and Showering

The application of flower petal confetti can be as varied as the events themselves. Tossing confetti by hand is a classic method, allowing participants to throw petals into the air for a whimsical effect. Alternatively, using decorative cones or sachets filled with confetti allows for controlled distribution and adds an elegant touch. For a more dynamic display, blowing confetti through the air creates a fluttering effect, while showering confetti from above adds drama and spectacle to the celebratory moment.

Legal Considerations: Venue Approval and Cleanup

Before incorporating flower petal confetti into your event, it’s crucial to obtain approval from the venue or event space. Some venues may have restrictions on the types of materials allowed for confetti to ensure easy cleanup and minimize environmental impact. Discussing your plans with venue management and obtaining their guidelines will help avoid any issues and ensure a seamless and enjoyable confetti moment. Additionally, consider organizing a cleanup crew or providing guests with biodegradable bags to collect and dispose of the confetti responsibly.


In the world of celebrations, flower petal confetti stands out as a charming and environmentally conscious choice. From the timeless elegance of roses to the vibrant hues of marigolds, the options for creating visually stunning and biodegradable confetti displays are endless. The art of choosing, preparing, and applying flower petals for confetti adds a touch of nature’s beauty to special moments, leaving a lasting impression on hosts and guests alike. Whether in a garden wedding, a festive party, or a cultural celebration, the use of flower petal confetti adds a bloom of elegance to the joyous occasions that define our lives.


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