How to Dry Forget-Me-Not Flowers: A Comprehensive Guide

by Jennifer

Forget-me-nots, with their delicate blue petals and subtle charm, hold a special place in the hearts of many. Whether they bloom in your garden or are gifted to you as a token of affection, these tiny flowers carry sentimental value that often transcends their ephemeral beauty. However, like all flowers, forget-me-nots eventually fade. But fear not, for there exists a method to preserve these cherished blooms in their timeless glory: drying. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the art and science of drying forget-me-not flowers, offering step-by-step instructions and valuable tips to ensure optimal results.


Understanding Forget-Me-Nots

Before embarking on the journey of drying forget-me-nots, it’s essential to understand the nature of these diminutive blossoms. Forget-me-nots (Myosotis spp.) belong to the Boraginaceae family and are characterized by their small, five-petaled flowers that typically range in color from sky blue to pale pink. They are known for their resilience and ability to thrive in various environments, from woodland gardens to meadows.

These charming flowers hold deep symbolic significance, representing enduring love, fidelity, and remembrance. Their name, “forget-me-not,” is steeped in folklore and legend, with stories dating back centuries that speak to their timeless appeal.

Selecting the Perfect Specimens

The first step in drying forget-me-nots is selecting the perfect specimens. Choose flowers that are in full bloom but not yet past their prime. Look for blossoms that are free from blemishes, discoloration, or signs of decay. Ideally, select flowers in the morning when they are at their freshest and most vibrant.

It’s important to gather an ample supply of forget-me-nots to ensure a successful drying process. While individual flowers can be dried, consider harvesting entire stems or clusters for a more visually impactful result.

Methods of Drying Forget-Me-Nots

There are several methods available for drying forget-me-not flowers, each offering unique benefits and considerations. We explore three popular techniques below:

1. Air Drying: Air drying is perhaps the simplest and most traditional method of preserving forget-me-nots. To air dry your flowers, follow these steps:

  • Gather your forget-me-nots into small bunches, tying the stems together with twine or string.
  • Hang the bunches upside down in a dry, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. A dark, cool room is ideal for this purpose.
  • Allow the flowers to dry completely, which may take anywhere from one to three weeks depending on environmental conditions and the thickness of the flower petals.
  • Once dried, carefully remove the flowers from the stems and store them in airtight containers or display them in arrangements as desired.

Air drying preserves the delicate color and form of forget-me-nots while maintaining their natural appearance. However, this method requires patience and careful monitoring to prevent mold or mildew growth.

2. Silica Gel Drying: Silica gel drying offers a faster alternative to air drying and is particularly well-suited for preserving the color of delicate flowers like forget-me-nots. Here’s how to dry forget-me-nots using silica gel:

  • Fill a shallow container with silica gel crystals, ensuring that it’s deep enough to fully immerse the flowers without crushing them.
  • Gently place the forget-me-nots in the silica gel, ensuring that they are spaced apart and not touching each other.
  • Carefully pour additional silica gel over the flowers until they are completely covered.
  • Seal the container with a lid or plastic wrap to create an airtight environment.
  • Allow the flowers to dry for several days to a week, depending on their thickness and moisture content.
  • Once dried, carefully remove the flowers from the silica gel, brushing off any excess crystals with a soft brush.

Silica gel drying preserves the color, shape, and texture of forget-me-nots with minimal distortion. However, silica gel can be expensive and may not be readily available in all locations.

3. Pressing: Pressing is a classic method of preserving flowers that involves flattening them between absorbent materials. While pressing may cause some flattening of the flowers, it’s an excellent option for creating botanical art or pressed flower arrangements. Here’s how to press forget-me-nots:

  • Place your forget-me-nots between layers of absorbent paper, such as blotting paper or parchment paper.
  • Arrange the flowers carefully, ensuring they are spaced apart and not overlapping.
  • Place heavy books or weights on top of the paper to apply gentle pressure.
  • Leave the flowers to press for several weeks, periodically checking their progress and replacing the absorbent paper if necessary.
  • Once fully dried, carefully remove the forget-me-nots from the paper, taking care not to damage their delicate petals.

Pressed forget-me-nots are ideal for creating framed botanical art or incorporating into handmade cards and crafts. While pressing can cause some color fading, it offers a unique way to preserve the intricate details of these delicate blooms.

Tips for Success

Regardless of the method you choose, there are several tips to keep in mind to ensure successful drying of forget-me-not flowers:

  • Harvest flowers in the morning when they are at their freshest.
  • Choose blooms that are free from blemishes or signs of decay.
  • Handle the flowers gently to avoid damaging their delicate petals.
  • Select a drying method that best suits your preferences and available resources.
  • Monitor the drying process closely to prevent mold or mildew growth.
  • Store dried flowers in airtight containers or display them in arrangements to protect them from dust and moisture.
  • Experiment with different drying techniques and creative uses for your preserved forget-me-nots.


In conclusion, drying forget-me-not flowers is a beautiful way to preserve cherished memories and create lasting keepsakes. Whether you choose to air dry, use silica gel, or press your blooms, the result is a testament to the enduring beauty and symbolism of these beloved flowers. With patience, care, and a touch of creativity, you can enjoy the timeless elegance of forget-me-nots for years to come.


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